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Thank you for visiting my profile,

Hi, I’m CLofLA,

Thank you, for visiting me at CLofLA Profile At Wealthy Affiliate.

We have added many new bonuses and affiliates to our list of jobs Like Monster.com, Amazon Jobs, and other work from home writing jobs.

CLofLA Profile at Wealthy Affiliate

We also added more affiliates for resume service and wantanewcareer.com for your searches.

We are looking for anyone and everyone that need our help and services.

We plan to help anyone and everyone with the tools and resources to land their next job, start work from home, and or build an empire with their online business.

As a member of the transportation community of Truckers, I see who and where the large companies are hiring.

Dry Van

From personal experience, there is a massive build-up in different areas from Los Angeles, CA to Sacramento, CA.

Massive building is going on across America roads, buildings, housing.

I am meaning housing, shopping centers, and opportunities for anyone or everyone looking for jobs and services.

Commercial Truck Driver

Most warehousing is hiring, all trucking companies, and their shippers and receivers.
Solar Companies

How Does A Solar Energy Work With A Storage Battery

Concrete Companies
Paving Companies and many more.

These are just a few is the housing and commercial building sectors.

Local shopping areas are booming up also.
Hobby Lobby
JC Penny
Plus many more.

I know we have helped hundreds of people find the job or business they want and we want to help you also.

Do you remember this quote? What quote do you remember?

I will always remember to give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. But, teach him how to fish, you will feed him and his family for life.

That’s how I view jobs as give a man a job you feed him for a day. Help the man start his online business you feed him and his family for life.

How easy is it to join Wealthy Affiliate?

I’m having the best time within the community. I’m enjoying every minute I’m there why?

It was easy getting started, each video training by Kyle was right on the mark.

After a few months I was building my very own WordPress website and I have the option of building more.

Now I’ve been telling everyone how easy and great my experience have been here.

I will update this page at random times, feel free to ask questions, and leave a comment below.


Visit me and see what I’m doing right now on my Profile at Wealthy Affiliate.



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