Perfect writing needs excellent skills, but that’s not all. It is quite easy to make errors when drafting a document, which is where Grammarly writing tool comes in.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

With the free tool, one can correct whatever errors they have in their essay, important email, blog post, or any other piece of writing.

Grammar checks in Grammarly


Unlike some document editors, the Grammarly online writing tool utilizes a regularly updated database with thousands of words to ensure that your document has no errors.

In addition to that, the revision has a sophisticated AI system, whose purpose is analyzing the sentences.

Grammarly’s online grammar check scans are there to help you mistakes in your text, whether typos, structure problems, and more.

The tool goes a step further compared to standard document editors, as it utilizes updated words and phrases for grammar checks.

Punctuation and spelling Checks in Grammarly

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Grammar check scans are not the only fantastic property Grammarly has. While using this online editing tool, one can also ensure that their document has no spelling and punctuation errors.

That way, accuracy and speed are achieved when drafting a report.

The good thing about these features is that they enhance the readability and correctness of a document, making it easier to capture the attention of the intended reader.

In consideration that things like misplaced commas, periods, and apostrophes can change the meaning of a sentence.

In summary,

Spelling and grammar check scans in Grammarly are simply features that are there to ensure that your document does not have any spelling and grammar errors.

Grammarly spell Check and grammar Check

The AI system will automatically scan your report; then, any errors highlighted for you to review and add your correction.

You can then make changes or ignore depending on how you want the message delivered.

Even if you’re a professional writer, it’s still possible to make a few mistakes in your writing.

That’s why you need a writing assistant like Grammarly to help you hunt down the higher-level style nuances and grammar right.

Grammarly – What Is Spelling and Grammar?

The primary reason writers subscribe to Grammarly is because they want to make sure they’ve gotten their spelling and grammar right.

The app is designed to suggest changes in spelling, grammar, and style. All of this is done in real-time.

The app can also effectively edit content for specific genres.

One of the things users of the app often point out is its relatively expensive paid subscriptions.

Grammarly can be used with any device

However, when you consider the ease of use of the Grammarly and all the platforms that it supports, the cost is well worth it.

Grammarly Subscription Plans

Grammarly subscription plans are available on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Monthly subscribers pay $29.95,while those who subscribe quarterly pay $59.95. Annual subscribers, on the other hand, pay $139.95.

Frequently, Grammarly provides its subscribers with attractive discounts.

Once you become a subscriber to the service, you are provided with customized checks for many document types, as well as a plagiarism filter.

You also get a function that helps you diversify your vocabulary and many other extras.

Grammarly has recently introduced a new feature for subscribers of the premium plan that checks for consistency in Grammarly Editor desktop application.

There’s a limited free version too that points out critical grammar and spelling errors.

Subscribers interested in the Business tier of the app need to pay $15 per month, which is billed per year.

Available On Almost All Platforms

One of the things subscribers of Grammarly get to enjoy is that it supports almost all platforms around.

Whether you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge, the app works perfectly. Users of Android and iOS also get to enjoy the app via a mobile keyboard application.

Other writing platforms where the app is now available are Medium and Google Docs. For Google docs, the app works only via the Chrome browser.

The app, however, is still yet to be added to Apple’s iWork Suite, Office on the Mac and Linux’s Libre office.

How Does Grammarly Work?

When you write, copy-paste, or upload your writing on Grammarly, the app immediately checks the content against it’s content and style errors database.

Grammarly also uses data it anonymously collects every day from its users. Then using all this information, it points out any critical mistakes in your writing by underlining them in red.

Critical mistakes include errors in your spelling and basic grammar. Any advanced errors, including style and best practices, are highlighted in yellow.

This second capability is only available for premium subscribers. If you want to fix the mistake immediately or read a more detailed expression about it, you only need to hover over the indicated word or phrase.

The great thing with Grammarly is that it uses clear language to illustrate errors and gives sample sentences to help writers understand better.

The style is far more detailed than what most other grammar checkers provide.

At the bottom of your document, the app indicates the error count in your writing, which helps you see how much editing you still need to do.

The main down-side of the real-time editing model of Grammarly is that it cannot work without an internet connection.

Security Issues

While using Grammarly, it is crucial to know what potential security and privacy risks you are exposed to, because the app actively monitors everything you write.

In the past, vulnerability with how the app browser extensions deal with the auth tokens has been reported.

The issue has since been adequately resolved, with Grammarly stating that only data that was saved in the editor was exposed to the vulnerability.

That said, users of Grammarly must still be careful when using any app capable of viewing and modifying their input.

However, note that the app cannot access your writing without your permission and visually lets you know when it’s working.

Additionally, the app doesn’t obtain any content that’s typed in a text field marked sensitive. Such information includes a password field or credit card report.

But for added security, it’s best to disable the app for these sites.

As a move towards ensuring more security for its subscribers, Grammarly has made its bounty program on Hacker One available to everyone.

There’s also a page on the app’s security practices maintained by Grammarly

Grammarly Desktop App

When installed on a Windows Machine, the Grammarly Desktop app works perfectly. Firstly, signing into your account is a breeze.

The layout of the app is not only attractive but also highly functional. The side panel has dark accents and features minimalist icons.

On the Grammarly desktop app, you have the option between typing directly in the editor and importing content you had already composed before.

Uploading an existing document helps preserve the text formatting, so Grammarly recommends it.

If you’d like to edit your personal dictionary on the platform, go to the Profile icon.

Click on the image to choose the variant of English you’d like. At the moment, Grammarly is only available in English.

On one side of the window are tabs for various functions including grammar and spelling errors, plagiarism checker, premium writing checks, human proofreader, and a writing score.

The writing score, as pointed out earlier, is an excellent pointer on your progress and how much editing work you have left.

There are two other features available: Goals and Performance. Every time you import a document, the Goals feature launches.

Its function is to help the Grammarly app to adjust itself based on what the context of your material is.

Do you intend to inform, for instance, or to convince? If you are a premium subscriber, you can choose a writing domain, e.g., academic.

The Performance feature indicates general data, e.g., word count and readability metrics.

As mentioned earlier, people with the Grammarly desktop app can also enjoy a new feature called Consistency check.

This new feature enables Grammarly to scan your content, noting and fixing any inconsistency when it comes to capitalizations, times, dates, and abbreviations.

When it comes to the website, Grammarly plug-in conducts a review on whatever you write in real-time, whether you’re merely jotting notes or composing an email.

Every mistake you make is marked the same way as the extension does on other platforms.

Clicking on the highlighted word or phrase, you can get additional information regarding the mistake.

Supposing you work in a content management system, Grammarly will usually insert code right into the source where it spots an error.

To avoid inconsistency in code, you can disable it.

For Word and Outlook, the Microsoft Add-in exists as one of the menu items within the Office Ribbon.

If you wish to view issues like style, spelling, and punctuation errors in the document, simply toggle them.

The app will immediately open as a sidebar window, indicating all mistakes in a contextual location in the text. To view details, simply click on the corrections.

A Reliable Assistant

Once you’ve discovered Grammarly, you’ll find that you use it often. Its thorough checks may seem to encourage lazy writing, as some people don’t take the time to learn from the explanations and insights the app provides.

But the app is still immensely helpful for anyone actively seeking to improve how they write, or even writers who do not think they need the app.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

Grammarly’s real value lies in the apps ability to identify your most common errors and assist you in veering clear of them in the future.

And when you find that the app distracts you in your writing due to its real-time, you can still disable the app and finish writing first before enabling it for the revision phase of your writing.

Writing Goals

While using the free version of Grammarly, its difference with the built-in grammar, spelling, and style checker in Microsoft Office may not be immediately apparent.

You’ll notice that the two correctly identify and highlight all spelling mistakes, erroneous phrases, and wrong grammar usage.

Grammarly’s advanced editing checks, however, assist in cleaning up the typical grammar tidbits and suggest options for commonly used phrases and words, which is very useful.

Grammarly always points out unnecessary commas that you need to get rid of for the sake of clarity. The app also works across your workflow.

Note, however, that Grammarly occasionally makes wrong suggestions, as does Office.

For that reason, it’s still crucial that you pay attention to suggested edits instead of merely accepting everything mindlessly.

You may notice that the app suggests that you add articles in places that you don’t require them.

This shouldn’t be viewed as a huge problem, though, given that most authorities on grammar occasionally disagree on some grammar rules including capitalization, hyphenation, and so on.

There’s no tool for checking perfect grammar.

All Grammarly subscribers get a weekly email that recaps their writing activity.

The email, called Grammarly Insights provides you with information on a few of the most frequent errors you made in your writing during the week, which can prove useful in helping you avoid them in the future.

The email also highlights the metrics that correspond with the information shown on the Insights tab of your desktop editor.

You also get to see some clear statistics, like how many words the app checked and the number of unique words you used during the week.

Grammarly Mobile Keyboard

The Grammarly mobile keyboard app is found on both iOS and Android devices.

The keyboard is meant to help users correct any grammar and spelling errors as they go.

It helps in just about everything, whether you’re composing a social media post, writing an email, or editing a long-form document.

If you’d like to switch between the light color and dark color theme, you can do it in Settings. You can opt the keyboard to show toggle vibration or the key borders and numbers row.

Also, one may adjust the height of the keyboard on the screen. If you’re familiar with Gboard, you’ll notice that Grammarly mobile keyboard looks very familiar, except for a few features.

Missing features on the Grammarly keyboard app include the swipe typing and the extras on Gboard that allow one to access Google services like translation.

However, users will still appreciate the Grammarly mobile keyboard’s clean design

While typing, suggestions, and corrections automatically pop up, and you can choose to swipe through and accept them or click the green icon to check the suggestions or corrections.

Once you tap on an individual edit, Grammarly will immediately open a card-based interface containing a more in-depth explanation.

All in all, the experience feels highly fluid, and everything’s easy as the app edits quickly.

Just like in Grammarly’s desktop counterpart, the mobile keyboard app edits are useful and almost always accurate.

There’s no difference between the quality of the auto-correct for spelling between the portable keyboard and what you’d get with the standard keyboard.

The settings of the mobile keyboard app are quite robust. You can change editing options to suit your preferences.

For instance, you can choose between American, British, Australian, and Canadian English. If you want to, you can allow the keyboard to suggest contact names.

Other sections will enable the user to give feedback, switch accounts, and access the support portal.

The Bottom Line

Is Grammarly worth it? Well, there’s no doubt that as a writing assistant, the app helps improve your writing.

Its utmost strength is in its thoroughness in the areas of grammar, spelling, and writing style.

The premium version goes for $29.95 per month, but the benefits that come from adding the app to their writing are more than worth the price.

Currently, there isn’t an offline mode for the app, and many users would still like to see the app support the Microsoft Office on Mac.

The many pros that come with the app, however, always make it the preferred choice for many writers.

Add Grammarly to Windows

Now you can launch Grammarly with just one click straight from your desktop. Mistake-free writing has never been easier

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Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

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