We all should be asking ourselves this one question are we ready and prepared for a natural disaster?

The best emergency first aid kits and medical supplies for you needs. Being prepare and not rushing or being in a state of panic.

Most people will not be and have to rely on others like neighbors, the first responders, and local authorities for help.

We should all carry emergency supplies in our cars home and a safe location like a relative or trusted neighbor.

As the world changes around us rapidly get immediately medical information everyday. Get extensive news 24/7.

CDC Website 

WalkInLab.com provides Testing and information direct-to-consumer

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First Responders First aid kits

Fully Stock First Responder Kit

How to prepare

We are not the experts when it comes to how you prepare and what you need to start.

The best emergency first aid kits for the self employed and the rest of the world. As supplies for medical equipment empty having extra places to find supplies online is not getting easier.

We noticed months ago in January 2020, some supply chain told us they were sold out of medical masks and other medical supplies. 

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Video by Roylab Stats Channel.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Dashboard, World Maps, Charts, News

As the world prepare for another day of panic in the wake of more new (corvid-19) corona virus cases. Being prepared to take action in your on hands may safe us all from getting sick. 

Stay ahead by learning how to get access to the supplies you and your family needs. One way is to learn affiliate marketing.

Getting supplies is easy when you become a affiliate marketer, you will have access to over 1,000,000 products and services.


Earthquake Preparedness Kit

We want to make sure those in harms way have full access to this information.  From time to time we will lock, edit, and remove links to the suppliers site if we detect abuse. 

If you do not know where to get emergency supplies and food delivered to your home send us a message and we will love to help you. 

There are hundreds of suppliers that deliver all over the USA,

Fully Stock First Responder Kit

First aid kits

Some kits come with food and water.

Home and Medical Supplies
  • We are asking everyone to be patient while we continue to find the best first aid kits for First Responders and for your home.  

As panic spreads over America about the virus we will recommend that you learn affiliate marketing.

Do you have a back up plan yet?

Respond First Aid Kits

Learning how to protect your family

Taking the chance that the internet will be around forever is a gamble.

With all the world online what if the system shut down?

Travel First Aid Kit

earthquake first aid kit checklist

showing 1 Person Emergency Kit and supplies food water first aid equipment

This fully load kit will not last forever

We know about your hectic schedule. This Kit have 170 pieces ready to go.


Family Preparedness Packages are selling out fast.

Let us help request what your having trouble finding or what services you need and we will start looking.

First Aid Suppliers

My Medic

 The best First Aid Kits on the Planet. We are the one stop destination for all the medical gear needs. Our Kits are also designed for everybody. Home, car, work, specific activity, we got it covered. 

 20% off for first responders, fire fighters, EMT’s, etc

Retailer of first aid kits and medical supplies. We have a lot of success in the youth sports market as well as general supplies like ice packs and bandages purchases. Allergy Medicine Cold & Flu Medicine Cough & Cold Medicine Cough, Cold, and Flu Motion Sickness Medicine Nasal Relief Sleep Aid Stomach Ache Remedies Throat Lozenges 


Being prepare with the basis is not hard, and you will benefit in the long run with just a few items to start.

If you do not have a preparedness emergency kit, here are a few items that can help you in case you need some extra protection.

Medex Supply

Medex Supply is an online medical distributor that offers a full line of brand name products for all medical, surgical, and healthcare supply needs.


MyOtCstore is an e-commerce store with a large selection of health products, beauty items, home healthcare medicines, vitamins, and more with over 27,000 items in its catalog.

Having these seven items on hand will only help;

Box of Disposable Gloves.
Hand Cleaner and or hand sanitizer.
Extra Disposable Paper Towels.
Medicine/pain relievers.
Face Mask are helpful.
Flashlight and Batteries

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at home medical supplies

Where To Buy Surgical Masks

Where To Buy Surgical Masks

 Suppliers still have mask available.

Most major suppliers are running out of  stock. New orders  taken are being schedule for a later delivery date.

Watch this video 

YouTube Channel

What style and rating of mask / respirator should you get if you are looking to protect against coronavirus?

From ThioJoe YouTube Channel.

CoronaVirus: What Type of Mask Should You Get to Protect Against it? (N95? P100? Respirator?)

Sign up now with any supplier to see availability of products and delivery schedules.

Visit the suppliers above or check out our bulk toilet paper suppliers in Home Goods Warehouses.

Home Depot, Walmart, and many others. 

Home and Medical Supplies 5
At home medical supplies
In Home Medical Supplies
Home and Medical Supplies 1
Home and Medical Supplies 2
Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

paper products are still available

Let us know what you need .

Send us a message below.

Home and Medical Supplies 3

Cleaning products available

Screen Shot of K-mart Website


There are many suppliers online that sell paper products, online pharmacies, and other medical supply outlets to find your emergency supplies. 

Check with these suppliers for your needs and the needs of your family. Remember there is no need to panic, fight over store supplies and harm one another.  

Toilet Paper

To request what you need use the comment box below. 

Scott Bathroom Tissue and Paper Products

disposable face mask you need

ALP-SM-2005X Alpha Pro Shield Mask
Where To Buy Surgical Masks

We want to hear from you if you have any questions, and or comments leave them below.

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Best Emergency First Aid Kits

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