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When using the domain name search availability use a desk top computer or laptop for the best results. 

Type your name in the search box and see the results like magic. See if the business name you want  is available. 

Frequently asked questions

Enter the name you want your online business to be called. It is a good idea to have multiple names, in case your desired name is taken. 

Nothing, it is free to use the domain name search. 

Yes, anyone can use the domain name search. Just type the name you want and see if it is available. 

Yes, you will have seven days free trial and you can pay yearly today with $200.00 off the regular price. Trained at your own pace and build a online business with 24 hour help available seven days a week. 

Yes, If you do not want to invest in your own business at the yearly price, you can pay monthly at $49.00. Get more details and try putting your online business name to use. 

This is the best platform to give your ideas of starting your online business and making it a reality. See the full review how it works Contact Us

Jaaxy allow you to find the right keyword for your business name that have a lot of searches. 

Plus using Jaaxy will improve your ranking in the search results. How about 1st page. 

How It Works

You Need A Name To Start

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Join 1.4 million entrepreneurs around the world who enjoy working from home and running their own online business.

Having the right tools at your disposal always and access to even more tools, like training on any topic that covers SEO, Website Traffic, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools.

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How To Start

  1.  You Need a Name. 
  2.  Type Your Name in the box. 
  3.  Click the Build it now button 
  4.  Check your Results. 

When we searched for jobs you can see it get over 3,000,000 searches.  

Plus over 600,000 searches per month if your using paid traffic. 

Many people Love Jaaxy!

The QSR will tell you how much competition and if it is a good (green plus number) keyword or a bad one (red number).  

It’s the best keyword research tool we have ever used. 


Learn More About Jaaxy Here. 

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Here is how you can get the job you want. Sign up, create a profile, create a job alert for the job you want, and learn more about the company.

If you have any questions, and or comments please leave them below. 



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