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The world is changing around us everyday

The top world news today

The top news story to day is the (covid-19) coronavirus. About how fast this virus is spreading across the world. 

It may appear the world is going crazy. But it is not the world going crazy but people who do not care anymore.

Can people on purpose affect themselves with a virus, knowing or unknowingly in an attempt to harm others?

What if they were warned not to do that activity because of the potential problems and illnesses can occur. 

current articles business ethics

Man holding the Business News Paper

Business and Stock Market

As the world change on every finance market worldwide staying informed everyday is not only options but a must.

If you been following the news lately, then you may have heard about people doing weird things.

One we are scratching our heads about, and you might start also. Let’s talk about the cause of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is not new according to one disinfect spray can maker.

They claim their product can help kill all the germs associated with this virus.

Plus, all other bacteria causing viruses since the deadly outbreak of SARS years ago.

Screen Shot of K-mart Website

How to get unlimited supplies

Get more detail below

Is the coronavirus a hoax?

What do you think? Let us know what you think leave a comment below.

We now know the cause of this outbreak, and you may not agree or like what you are about to see. 

Warning: This videos are not recommended for children under 13 years of age. 

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Trending Today

Warning this videos are not recommend for children under 13

You may find these videos troubling and upsetting so use viewer discretion

A complete shut down of the economy of the world as many countries are reporting they are canceling events that draw large crowds of people.

Most countries hit hard by the virus are putting their citizens on lock down. Is something else happening around the world they are not telling us

Health Officials know the cause of the deadly outbreak

According to Chinese Scientists, a man made leaks of this deadly virus is being linked to two locations. 

YouTube Channel 

Arirang News

From Arirang News

The outbreak location is still under investigation by the Chinese Scientist. They believe they have the sources of the epicenter in Wuhan Fish Market and Research lab which is 280 meters away contains over 600 contaminated bats and also researching a biological weapons program .

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Tucker: Extortion from China is the real threat

China dominates the global market in pharmaceutical ingredients, they control American health care. #FoxNews #Tucker

YouTube Channel Fox News/Tucker

China blames america

China could be blaming America because of the trade deal that went south with President Trump. Or is something else happening behind the scene?

What are your thoughts?

Warning this videos are not recommend for children under 13

As each country tries to blame each other. Who do you blame for the virus outbreak?Let us know send a comment below.

What if China is not telling the truth about the coronavirus?

The world leaders need to treat this virus seriously, and it seems as they are in slow motion.

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6 months ago

From Denver, Co reported by CBS News, Denver

The average age of the majority of truck drivers is between 55 – 70 years old.

YouTube Channel

CBS News, Denver


What if China is blaming America and the world?
Could this be a biological attack on the elderly around the world, including the President?

I remember my employer telling me about the mass numbers of trucking companies out of business because of the trade deal with China.

He mentioned over 700 trucking companies closed their doors and some, move to Mexico.

A month later he said another 683 trucking companies were closed down.

I do remember see new reports about companies closing and leaving trucker stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Trucking companies have been massively hiring since I started driving in 1995. They continue to talk about the drivers shortage and some companies advertise jobs of a career in driving in other countries. 

2 months ago This happen

Celadon Trucking is a midsize company with more than 3500 employees and drivers. Some of the larger companies have 9,000 and above drivers.

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Today March 8, 2020 food and store update.

Today’s store shopping news here in Los Angeles area where I live the stores we shop have empty shelves, no fruits,  no paper products, and no water.

The supply chain I delivered to many times is the Ralph’s and Kroger Foods Company. 

They have 3 warehouses in the area with deliveries to the warehouses 24 hours a day. Warehouses in Compton, Los Angeles, and Riverside. 

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Get the daily news to your phone, email, or computer for free. 

Who don’t like free stuff. 

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