First responders and hospitals should be first to have access to any N95 respirator masks sale.

Any website owner and blogger can gain access to over 12,000 suppliers worldwide.

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Our Prayers Goes Out To All Those Affected By The Virus.


The opinion among healthcare workers in harm’s way should always be first to get these medical supplies.

Every day on the news, we hear about the lack of industrial n95 masks and other medical supplies needed for healthcare workers.

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One solution to the supply and demand problem is knowing where to find face mask supplies.

Flex-Offer is a tool affiliate marketers use to sell other company’s products and services.

Flex-Offers have over 12,000 companies paying associates and affiliates a small commission on sales they produce.

Some of the companies and stores sell N95, N99, and N100 face respirator masks, like medical supplies and home improvement stores.

Products On Flex Offer

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The pictures are screenshots from the actual supplier websites.

This is out of control

These N95 respirator masks are being sold to the public in record numbers everyday.

Healthcare workers on the front-line will need to disinfect their masks and reuse them because of shortages.

In Home Medical Supplies

Why Are n95 mask hard to find?

Federal and local governments have a complete list of what industries use the n95 masks.

A partial list of companies that buy lots of n95 masks;

Auto Detailers
Auto Repair
Auto Body Shops
Home Repair & Remodel
Lawn Services

Pack of 25, 50, and 100 Non-Sterile Surgical Face Masks With Elastic and or face shields are available.

Home and Medical Supplies 3

What mask is better? What Type of Mask Should you Use?

Why the T.V. news talk more about n95 and not the best mask n99 or n100 that offers more protection for doctors and nurses.

Many people watch and comment on this YouTube channel. Local agencies have more information than a YouTube channel. We do not endorse this YouTube channel by ThioJoe.

Where to get a face mask and surgical ppe if you are not a medical worker.  Website owners and small business owners can find suppliers by signing up here. 

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment from head to foot will be a major concern for every company the have employees. Sign Up Here with these Suppliers. 

Screenshot of Medical Supplies

Flex offer partial list of Health and Wellness section

The list below shows a partial list of suppliers and the total number of suppliers for that category.

Beauty and Grooming 735

Dietary and Nutritional Supplements 281

Environmental 11

Exercise Equipment 32

Fitness Products and Equipment 140

Health Care Products & Services 325

Flex offer partial list of Home and Garden section

Appliances 90

Food and Drink 410

Garden and Outdoor 90

Home Goods 697

Home Improvement and Repair 147

Kitchen and Cooking 78

Home and Medical Supplies 5

where can i buy n95 respirator mask

Any gov agency, news station, and hospitals, along with some bloggers, that owns a website can use this platform.

Flex-Offer has many well-known stores, some supply chains, and manufacturing companies offering their brands.

Shop for safety equipment in the tools section of the home supply company store or online. Find quality safety equipment online or in-store.

We have a list of manufacturing companies offering their brands on other articles like bulk toilet paper sale on this site see the section below.

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