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Thank you for visiting my profile, Hi, I’m CLofLA, you can visit me at CLofLA Profile At Wealthy Affiliate.  Anyone can work from home and start your online business today! 

In 2021, you can build a website for free and that’s where most people start and stop without training. Every household should build a website and get a lifetime of training and unlock the doors to more opportunities for yourself and your family. 


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Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you will learn the following; 

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Web Design Internship

BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION       –     (This Position Have Been Filled At SimpliSafe.)

  1. Previous Internship Or Relevant Classwork In Graphic Design
  2. Knowledge Of The Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)
  3. Experience Or Familiarity With Sketch And Figma
  4. Experience Working With Responsive Web Design

SimpliSafe one of the leaders in the Home Security Cameras, Products and Services is hiring.

405 + Web Design Internship Jobs found on Ziprecruiter in the United States.


Start Web Design training at home anytime 24/7 available worldwide in most countries. It’s easy to do and fun while your learning.


Over 1.5 million active online entrepreneurs use this platform worldwide. 

Every household that did not work when the world shut down need to start part-time online with blogging or web designing. The only people that made money in 2020 was those with in demand jobs and online businesses. Think about it!

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CLofLA Profile at Wealthy Affiliate

We also added more affiliates for resume service and for your searches.

We are looking for anyone and everyone that need our help and services.

We intend to support anybody and everybody with the apparatuses and assets to get their next activity, start telecommute, as well as fabricate a domain with their online business.

As an individual from the transportation network of Truckers, I see who and where the huge organizations are employing.


Dry Van

From individual experience, there is a huge develop in various regions from Los Angeles, CA to Sacramento, CA.

Massive building is going on across America roads, buildings, housing.

I am meaning housing, shopping centers, and opportunities for anyone or everyone looking for jobs and services.

Commercial Truck Driver

Most warehousing is hiring, all trucking companies, and their shippers and receivers.
Solar Companies

Concrete Companies
Paving Companies and many more.

These are just a few is the housing and commercial building sectors.

Local shopping areas are booming up also.
Hobby Lobby
JC Penny
Plus many more.

I know we have helped hundreds of people find the job or business they want and we want to help you also.

Do you remember this quote? What quote do you remember?

I will always remember to give a man a fish; you feed him for a day. But, teach him how to fish, you will feed him and his family for life.

That’s how I view jobs as give a man a job you feed him for a day. Help the man start his online business you feed him and his family for life.

How easy is it to join Wealthy Affiliate? It all starts with a name.

I’m having the best time within the community. I’m enjoying every minute I’m there why? The training works and it can work for you. Give your online business a name and type it in the box below. 

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It was simple beginning, every video preparing by Kyle was directly on the imprint.

Following a couple of months I was building my own special WordPress site and I have the choice of building more.

Presently I’ve been telling everybody how simple and extraordinary my experience have been here.

I will refresh this page aimlessly times, don’t hesitate to pose inquiries, and leave a remark underneath.

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To our success!
Nice ad for bringing in interested persons.
You have worked hard. Very impressive
I just popped over to sat a massive thank you for including me in your network, it really is very appreciated. I can now look forward to sharing in, and contributing to your fantastic journey.
Kind regards

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CL of LA Profile At Wealthy Affiliate

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