The Deadliest Heat Wave History-Dangers Of A Heat Wave

Every summer, we can never forget how hot it is and becoming every year. Nor will we forget the many people, family, and friends we lose during The Deadliest Heat Wave History and its Dangers Of A Heat Wave.

Summers are generally fun times for you and your family when you plan it out, and you can count at least 50 things to do in the summer.


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Having a backup plan is more crucial now than ever before.

When summer starts getting hotter, with no relief in sight, where do you turn and what do you do now? What would you do if the power goes out and there is no A/C?

The problem’s why we are getting hotter.

A heatwave is a period of extreme and excessively hot weather, where the temperature is 10 and or more degrees above regular plus accompanied by high humidity, also effecting those in oceanic climate countries.

The upper atmosphere contains upper high winds and high pressure, which makes it stationary over a region.

This mass of air can remain stagnant for several days and weeks, trapping more heat and reducing airflow currents. As a result, accumulated temperature and high humidity without any precipitation or rainfall in most cases.

Portable A/C Cooler

Can a wet, cold towel that covers the head be enough to stop the body from overheating? Are there any products and backup systems in place to prevent excessive heating? How can anyone protect themselves from extreme heat and heatstroke?

In Chicago the worse hit among the U.S. States.

In 1995, Chicago suffered the worse deadliest heatwave in U.S. history with over 700 people lose their lives during this most lethal excessive heatwave.

When the power outages caused many to deal with heat stroke, heat-related conditions like heat exhaustion, and overheating the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier), the BBB prevents us from having a stroke and suffering stroke-like conditions.

Mostly the elderly were among the many cases of extreme heat exposure. Other nearby states the death toll continued to rise and also effects were felt in the midwest regions of St. Louis, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Milwaukee.

Here are the top News stories on the heatwave for July 20, 2019, Plus other Heat-related Dangers across the world.

A heat wave blankets the central and eastern US, affecting about 195 million people


Search national and worldwide climate-related occurrences, including hurricanes, fires, and droughts.

Interactive map shows the number of deadly heat days.
University of Hawaii

The think tank Earth Policy Institute says that 35,000 people died in the 2003 European heat wave, which included the hottest August on record.
New Scientist

What is happening in our skies

Russia estimates that 56,000 more people died in the summer of 2010 than in the previous year because of extreme heat, forest fires and smoke.

The heat across the world, even Europe is facing extreme heat year after year.

In India, 12 deaths reported in June 2019. The primary source of water reservoirs is drying, which could affect millions across the regions.

Dry River Bed

In Chennai, India, which is the sixth-largest city in India, is running out of water for its nearly 4.6 million residents as four of the city’s reservoirs are roughly dry due to a heatwave and drought. — Jasmine Aguilera, Time, “This Indian City Is Running Out of Water, Impacting 4.6 Million People,”
June 20, 2019, Record.

What is causing This Heat Problem?

A heatwave form when the upper atmosphere has high pressure, which makes it stationary over a region.

This stationary mass of air can remain stagnant for several days and weeks, trapping more heat and reducing air flow and wind currents. As a result, the accumulated temperature and high humidity without any precipitation or rainfall.

How do you protect yourself from the heat.

We experience heat-related problem’s year after year, will we learn to protect ourselves from heat-related injuries and death. Finding good clean water sources holds other dangers most people are not aware of and similar to water-related injuries and fatalities.


  • Some environmental groups have blamed global warming for the change in our temperatures every year.
  • Health and weather officials plead with people in affected areas to seek shelter or a shaded area as much as possible.
  • Protect yourself from direct sun rays and stay hydrated throughout the day.

There are common water dangers like the following;

Drownings – Never assume anyone can swim in unfamiliar waters, drownings can occur even among seasoned swimmers. Children will need watching every minute they are in the water.

Most water divers work in teams where if one is having a problem, the other will recognize something is wrong and check on him.

Children Playing in the Pool

They may also have a third party on land or boat waiting for any signs of trouble. All care and caution are given to prevent accidents and water-related injuries.

Parasites in the water – These unseen creatures lurk in warm water, stagnate water, pools, and spas. These parasites are small and often enter the nose of a swimmer.

They often go directly to the brain and start feeding on the brain tissue, causing a parasitic meningitis in which there is no cure and the results are fatal.

Even treated water can hold these unseen parasites. If the water looked clean such as a water park and treated regularly do not mean parasites are not present.

It is almost a rare incident, but cases of the parasites in warm water have happened in the past few years. A 17-year-old visiting a water park with her family died several weeks later.


A six-year-old boy swimming in an open lake, and a 22-year-old man contracted these parasites the result of swimming in each case was fatal.

Preparing for the heat every year is the key. These few tips and recommendations could help save lives;

  1. Always check on the elderly during heat waves
  2. Always have fresh air come in cars, apartments, and homes.(Be safe)
  3. Never leave infants, kids, and pets in a lock vehicle with the windows up or down. (Think Safety)
  4. Prepare for any road trip no matter what season.
  5. Check your tires and fluids.
  6. Bring extra water, food, snacks, and blankets on long road trips.
  7. Get a first aid kit and keep it replenished along with extra cold drinking water.Drinking plenty of water in the Summer

If the power goes out.

  • Have an extra flashlight and batteries.
  • Do not go other into the dark without a partner. (Let someone know)
  • Find a secure cold location, visit the mall, movie theater, store,

Products that can save you for overheating.

  1. Portable a/c and drink cooler.
  2. Other portable fans that take batteries.
  3. Keep ice on hand.
  4. Have plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  5. Wearing a sun hat and having UV sunglasses.
  6. Having loose fitted sun wear, clothes to keep you cool.

One Solution that will solve your heated days and nights.

There is a solution to beat the heat in the summertime. We found one cure to the heatwave, and want to share this information with you on what we found.

Portable Air Conditioner

The only one of its kind the portable A/C drink cooler this new technology and product enhancement have proven to be the best solution for any heatwave.

This 38-quart cooler can keep you cool no matter where you’re going and where you’re at indoors or outdoors.

Portable Air Conditioner You Take Anywhere

Here is how it works

Add Ice and water; then the built-in 3-speed fan will blow out cold air for up to six hours. Or 2.5 hours on continuous.

The cooler will keep family and pets more relaxed as the inside cooler temperature reaches 38 degrees.

You can use this A/C cooler when the power goes out.

Accessories not included, batteries, charger, and hoses are sold separately, but are shipped with your order.

Now you never have to worry about any heat-related problems with the weather or power outages. Having a backup plan in order can save you unwanted problem and injuries during a heat crisis.

Portable Air Conditioner With Wheels You Take It Everywhere

It’s portable so you can take this A/C Cooler camping, boating, in your car, truck, in your semi-truck, beach and everywhere else.

If you were in a boxing ring the referee would tell you to remember to protect yourself at all times. That’s good advice when you have no control over mother nature as she unleashes a variety of different weather conditions.

The best price on portable air conditioner.

There are many air conditioners on the market and they are sold at varies locations across the world. Not many are portable and they do not run on a battery source.

You will never see a portable A/C Cooler like this that will keep ice inside the cooler for seven days.

Portable Air Conditioner You Can Take Everywhere

Get more details and watch the video below to see this fantastic A/C Cooler.

This price is the same as the manufacturer and the retailer like Amazon.

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The Deadliest Heat Wave History-Dangers Of A Heat Wave

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The Deadliest Heat Wave History-Dangers Of A Heat Wave

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The Deadliest Heat Wave History-Dangers Of A Heat Wave

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