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In 2021, applicant can apply for Dispatcher Jobs that are available with many private companies, cities, counties, and government agencies across the U.S. Mattress Firm and Simplisafe Home Security are have a current massive hiring event. 

They are hiring for 911 operators, police, fire department, and or EMT services. Check and see if they are still hiring in the South-Bay, Los Angeles, California area. 

South-Bay Emergency Dispatch is now Hiring.

See other jobs below.  We want to focus on freight dispatchers for the trucking transportation industry.

133,889 Dispatch Jobs were found in the United States. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH.


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911 dispatcher jobs

When applying to become a dispatcher, you have to pass all the written tests and other requirements to be eligible for training.
Dispatch jobs can be rewarding and become a lucrative career; at times, it can shift into a stressful and exhilarating experience.

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911 Dispatcher Jobs

Unfortunately, there is no training unless employed by one of the official agencies listed above.
Most trucking companies hire there own dispatchers that have no training nor experience in the trucking industry.
Years ago some of the large more popular trucking companies would require the newly hired dispatch to ride along in a truck with a driver.

9,618+ 911 Dispatcher Jobs were found in the United States. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH.

Now dispatchers are not required to get the most vital training and gain valuable knowledge about the trucking industry. Dispatchers now lack the knowledge of the ups, downs, twist, and turns drivers face each day.

Being a company dispatcher vs. being an independent dispatch have many drawbacks and are very different. The big difference is company dispatchers are there to work against the drivers.

Trucking company dispatch will give the driver primary dispatching and will always be willing to have the driver written up for not want to run loads. Drivers see many unjust practices by company dispatchers such as favoritism.

This is when the dispatch will dispatch their favorite drivers first with the best loads,  then send the other trucks with unfavorable loads.

Company drivers don’t usually get the option to pick and choose their loads. Some companies dispatchers will always claim a driver is refusing to run a load that can carry heavy penalties against the driver.

owner-operator-semi truck-driver

Years ago some of the large more popular trucking companies would require the newly hired dispatch to ride along in a truck with a driver. These dispatchers would see first hand what the driver experience why he is on the road. Dispatchers would also see the problems with shippers and receivers across the country.

342,242 Truck Dispatcher Jobs were found in the United States. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH.

Independent dispatchers work well with their drivers and carriers as they work with their drivers and carriers on every load. These dispatchers don’t work by the hour nor do they follow any rules set by large companies.

Independent Dispatcher makes more money and doesn’t have a boss to impress. These dispatchers make $60,000 to $80,000 more a year than company dispatchers.

Man working on the computer

So how can you become an independent dispatcher

The training for an independent dispatcher is offered for free you can start anytime and anywhere in the world.
Some training in the market is charging up to $1500.00 for the course.
This course consists of classroom work with no other resources for the student. We know only one platform that the students can learn at their own pace.

They can start training for free plus once they see the potential and training resources available. They will want to join in and earn while they are learning.

Dispatchers will need to know what they can do and can not do. Specific laws exist to make sure dispatchers are not working outside their scope and duties.

Independent Dispatchers can join the platform with a fee, learn the laws, and take the test. Once the test is finished and completed, this dispatchers can stay with their training for the rest of their dispatch career.

The dispatch course is massively discounted at an affordable price and never pay for the other resources plus get the consultation for a lifetime.

Web Design Internship

Here’s how to start as a Trucking Company Dispatcher

Anyone interested in becoming a trucking company dispatcher can check their local employment ads. They can also contact any large trucking company website and see if they are training and hiring dispatchers.

What is dispatcher jobs and where to find them?

We searched and found 108 different dispatching jobs on a popular job search site; here are a few of them. Sign up today and get access to the best dispatcher training on the market.

See more jobs, salaries, and descriptions in dispatching jobs search here.

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Companies hiring

Other companies hiring

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Dispatcher Jobs

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