Dollar Brite jobs part 2 a helpful illustrated guide finding many FAQs to ways to get you started making money from home.

You can get paid commissions for recommending products and services. Most online websites have an affiliate program that allows you to tell others about a product or service and make extra money.

In part 1 you learned the following how to find real jobs and careers. Plus, can you make money with surveys jobs.

Philips Lifeline is hiring

Get peace of mind from Philips Lifeline medical alert service recommended by more than 200,000 healthcare professionals learn more Philips Lifeline

Students or recent graduates can jump-start and get ready for a new career with one of these companies on this page.

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If you already have some skills and work experience, a new job is hiring people who want to improve other people’s lives and make a difference.

The section will explain what companies hire you to showcase your skills and earn a income. 

freelance work

Freelance work is not a typical 9 to 5 job there are many ways to make money online, becoming a freelance worker.

Some freelance jobs have become oversaturated with skilled workers already established and with years of experience.

Here are the top companies that offer ways to make money online and to work from home as a freelancer.

  •  Click
  • Thumbtack
  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • Peopleforhire

Freelance and gig jobs you can start doing now the company have a large client base waiting for services.

Freelance and gig jobs you can start working shortly after signing up. Most person to person work will require a background verification. 

Is it uncommon for companies to require a background check? 

No, it is not uncommon most transportation jobs, first responders jobs, bus drivers, and other jobs for the city and state government will require a background check in the USA. 

Personal Assistant
House Cleaners
Commercial Building Cleaners
Furniture Movers
Delivery Drivers
Lawn Specialist

online business careers

Working online with your own business do not require you to get a background check. You are the boss of your own business at home. 

You can pick and choose which online business is right for you. Starting part-time is highly recommended anyone can start their own business. 

Remember Ryan’s Toys a self made million at 7 years old his mother filmed him playing with toys. Then put the videos on YouTube. 

These days you have to think outside the box and do what others are not willing to do. 

Other work from home ideas where you get help every step of your online career. 

There are many ways to start a business from home and get paid to help others. 

  • YouTube Training
  • Wealthy Affiliate Training
  • Skill Training
  • Learn a New Skill
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • How to Learn How to Write
  • Learn Web Design
  • Start a niche website
  • Start a blog

Starting part-time is always recommended, you never have to give up your day job, if you have one.

When you plan to become a successful online worker or entrepreneur, remember if you are not ready for full-time. You can start off part-time and get the free starters kit.

See who is hiring now

A Person Holding a Phone Looking at Home Security System

SimpliSafe Home Security is hiring. See more jobs with you click the continue reading.

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Resources you might enjoy

Future-Proof Your Skills Explore thousands of classes in business, technology, and more! Start For Free SkillShare

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View student loan options (300×250)” >

TripAdvisor is hiring See more jobs with you click the continue reading.

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(N)ever (s)top Learning on a laptop screen lady and books in the background

See Our # 1 Recommendation

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over 5,000,000 job searches

Here is how you can get the job you want. Sign up, create a profile, create a job alert for the job you want, and learn more about the company.

If you have any questions, and or comments please leave them below. 



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