Dollar Brite pt 1 (Helpful Illustrated Information)

Dollar Brite pt 1 (Helpful Illustrated Information) in the beginning we’ll all learned that Dollar Brite is just a few pages and redirect you to an affiliate offer. 

When anyone is ready to learn affiliate marketing you can visit Dollarbrite Wealthy Affiliate. 


Owner: Unknown Possible from another country not USA.
Promoting: Vindale Research

We know this fact to be true because Dollar Brite is an affiliate landing page.

  • When were they formed? 
  • Remember where you first saw Dollar Brite? review 2020

This is the landing page

Dollarbrite landing page and once you enter your email you will be redirected to Vindale Research

Remember How to earn money on YouTube?

Easy Video Suite is the most powerful video marketing software on the internet and they teach users how to build their lists faster than ever, attract an audience, and quickly profit from video the easy way.

how to make money by youtube

How to make money fast on YouTube

continue reading see the picture below and the sign up features. This landing page is not showing any other menus, contact or privacy policy. 

Most other websites and reporting sites are saying this landing page is 2 months old. With no other information and they think this page was created by someone from another country.

The offer is that they are promoting is an active major brand in the survey and research area. 

Red Flag warning about Dollar Brite

Where can you learn to do what they are doing to earn money?

Anyone in the world can make a landing page, then promote products and services and possibly earn money.

Some other problems that should be a red flag;

  1. No privacy policy.
  2. Terms of use.
  3. Data privacy. 

These items is  a must have for every website it’s the  law. Having only a landing page not properly formatted tell us more about there intentions.

What We know about Vindale Research

Vindale will pay $5.00 per sign up, which is a good payout for just a few minutes of work.

After trying Vindale Research last year  I have made $13.78 and that was only for a few days.

The first payout is $50.00 and I’m not sure if I want to continue. 

It takes a lot of time you have to invest and some surveys can take 55 minute for .25 and most of the time you are told you do not qualify after spend 10 to 15 minutes with some surveys. 

Creating a landing page is simple and easy to do when you learn the proper techniques. The landing page design is simple, plus straight to the point.

If you had the same experienced and the same results, we want to hear from you leave a comment below. 

Dollar Brite want you to sign up for Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one survey taking site or opinion based site that you answer questions on different brands you may know.

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Vindale is shutdown Try Opinion Inn it have the same payout. Join OpinionInn and get a $10.00 sign up bonus.


They claim you can make .25 up to $100.00 per survey which puts them the highest paying survey site online. 

We have seen some surveys paying $5.75 so far and never heard anyone getting paid $700 yet. 


You must reach $50.00 before you can cash out.

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We Rated Vindale Research

Sites similar to Vindale Research

PanelPlace is different than other survey sites.

PanelPlace opinion based site that you answer questions on different brands plus offer other ways to make money at home.

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They claim you can make .25 up to $1.00 per survey. Other features they help people  worldwide find jobs. 


Applicants must meet ALL the following criteria:1. Not a fraudulent registration (e.g. using fake emails, fake profile, registrations originating from same IP addresses, etc)
2. Not a duplicate profile
3. Profile must be updated within 90 days of registration.Sign up Bonus $10.00 and payout after you reach $25.00.Con:May not be in certain countries. 
We Rated PanelPlace

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The truth about working online

There are many other work from home opportunities better than taking surveys and pay more for less time invested like the top 5..  

These jobs and opportunities are highly in demand online if you have the skills and training.

Nurse putting a newborn in Bassinet

Get the job you want

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As the world change around us, where is everyone getting their information online. Who is making most of the money online Amazon and Walmart.


see Our Other Reviews on survey sites.

See other survey site that offer more benefits and ways to make extra money.

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We Rated Other Survey Sites

When you sign up for free daily news you will get information first hand about the changes that’s happening overnight. 

Like Amazon announced they will be hiring 100,000 delivery drivers and Walmart will be hiring 10,000 store workers. 

They will give you $5.00 for signing up and trying it out.

Get paid to play games online


Inbox dollars have a game section where you can make money online  playing games.

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Screen shot of when you sign up and complete your first survey your total will be $5.50.

We rate Inbox Dollars

So, what truth are we talking about

The truth we are talking about is how the internet works and can work for you and your family.

I’ve been telling this truth for quite a long time and only a few are getting the facts and doing their due diligence.

The internet now today is the information highway and affiliate marketing networks that sell products and services.


The information highway

Every internet website make commissions off sign-ups, sign-ins, product purchases, and services.

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Example #1 Dollar Brite could be an honest but desperate attempt to make $5 commissions from every sign-up.

But, it’s the wrong approach to providing decent information to consumers with little to no useful informed information for decision-making.

how can i make money online and with what?

Learn the way you want Thousands of classes for style SkillShare Start for free today

Learn to make commissions off sign-ups, sign-ins when you teach other or tell other about skills training. and make $10.00 per person you refer. 

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The wrong way vs. the right approach

Example #2 the most dangerous part about signing up for the affiliate offer that Dollar Brite is offering is you do not know who is making the $5.00 per sign-up.

The right way to sign-up is to see what website, privacy policy, contact information, and other restrictions are in place to comply with local and international laws.


Other technical information that is a must according to the laws is disclaimers and affiliate disclaimers.

Dollar Brite does not provide any vital data collection information and all the above.

Social Media

Free tools allow billions of people to stay in touch with social media. So how do it work and where do they make money.

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why billions of people waste time online

Social Media is not a good choice to waste most of the day reading mostly rumors.

Nor a good idea to see advertisements and wasting a better part of your day. When you use the internet wisely it can produce ideas, income, and sources you never imagine. 

If thousands of people can get paid for doing small tasks online and get paid then, why aren’t more people doing it?

are Survey sites a waste of time?

Survey sites and social media can waste valuable time when your planning to work online. You can spend hours taking a survey to the end and be told you do not qualify.

Getting your own online business can provide you with peace of mind. Having your own online business makes sense, and you will never worry or depend on a job to provide you’re well being.

Learn How to stop working online at home for free

Remember how you arrived at work online at home for free and what steps you took to get more information about Dollar Brite.


Get more information about Dollar Brite 

Get more information about Dollar Brite in part 2. 

Get more information about Vindale Research in review 2020.

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