Free Online Courses Certificates

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Free Online Courses Certificates

The computer tech giant is offering free online courses certificates is optional, but anyone can take 18 free courses. The partial list below is an example of what students can learn.



• Career Education
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Computer Software

1 million IT Techs learn from the leaders in the computer tech and language industry. Trusted and supported by the leading companies in the tech industry.

Here are a few companies that are members, including IBM, Intel, HP, Google, and many other significant players in the tech industry.

A Query Language for APIs Learn about GraphQL, an alternative to REST, and practice GraphQL queries in an interactive playground.

Free Online Courses
  1.  Learn how to become an Lx kernel developer and contributor.
  2. Open-source software and standards are driving the transition to 5G, AI, and IoT. Learn what open source technologies matter most and why.
  3. Networks are redefined to support a 5G world. The requirements of businesses to take advantage of new technologies like IoT, Edge, and AI.
  4. Learn how to code a Hyperledger Sawtooth sample application.

The Open Source Software Management course provides a multidisciplinary overview of best practices.

Free Online Courses

Recap the experience

Businesses gain new ways to enhance customer experience, deliver hyper-personalization, and improve operational efficiency, among the many ways that we’re only now beginning to imagine.

Students walk away with the education and knowledge to put 5G to work in their businesses and companies, empowering them to lead their teams into the future.

Free IT Course

Webinars are a great way to learn

In case you missed out on the schedule live webinars, don’t worry, all of the past webinars are available so you can binge-watch all the technology topics you want.

Start with Android in Embedded Systems.

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Maximize Your Open Source Investment If you’re looking for a single course or multiple courses for your team.These courses put them ahead and bring them up to date and up to speed.

Set up an ongoing technical training program for your entire company and customers; they can help. You are getting in contact with them today to learn more about the customizable corporate training options.

Onsite Training

  • One of the many expert instructors can come to your location.
  • This can reduce your travel costs and operational disruption.
  • Your team can benefit from active team collaboration.
  • They all learn and come up to speed together.
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Virtual Training

Quantity Discounts

  1. You purchase training and certifications in bulk.
  2. If you’re not sure what training is needed.
  3. Not sure what certification is better for your needs.
  4. You can purchase training credits to be used when your needs are a bit brighter.

All-Access Subscriptions

  1. Give employees access to our entire catalog.
  2. Use online training with a corporate subscription.
  3. A very incredibly popular option that gives you access to our hottest courses.
  4. A significantly lower price point.

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Corporate Training

Training an integrated provider of compliance learning management systems, accredited training content, and services to help businesses and professionals meet their compliance.

  • Continuing education.
  • Certification.
  • Meet career needs across a wide range of industries.

Browse By The Most Popular Courses

  1. OSHA Outreach 10 & 30 Hour.
  2. HAZWOPER Training.
  3. Alcohol & Food Safety Courses.
  4. ISO Courses.
  5. Real Estate Courses.

Browse By Industries

  • Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Real Estate.
  • Appraisal & Mortgage.
  • Food and Beverage Programs.
  • HR, Ethics & Compliance.
  • Financial Services Education.
  • Industrial SkillsPower and Utilities.
  • Quality Management Education.
  • Trades and Engineering.
  • Business Skills.
  • Insurance Education.
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Where To Find Free Online Training

GraphQL: A Query Language for APIs
top level guide to lx kernel training
new technologies like IoT, Edge, and AI
Hyperledger Sawtooth approach roles platform


Other IT

Online Courses

IT networking field, improve the way everybody connects


Business Solutions

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If you want more free courses and do not see your online source for training let us know.


Other Paid Courses


Request what type of training you are looking for below. If you have questions, and comments we want to hear from you, leave them below.

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