How to Sell My Self-Published Book Online

It was a time when I was asking everyone I knew and people I’ve just met two questions. How to Sell My Self-Published Book Online Selling your book on your website is one option, and there are many other avenues you can take. If you don’t have a website, then where can you learn how to sell my self-published book online without any training. You can get help from many sources; everyone can sell anything online all you need is a website and a name for your website. You have most of the answers already you answered the question I ask the most.
  1. If, you wrote a book what would you call it?
  2. And what would it be about?

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Most people had to stop and think about the questions in front of them. But, 4 out of 10 knew exactly what they wanted to write about. The others didn’t know and had no idea what I meant nor knew how to get started. Asking those questions was ways for me to get more ideas for myself and to gain some insight on how to write and publish my own book. I came up with the idea that I didn’t know anything about writing a book. If I was going to write a book the hardest part would be the writing. Then, where to get it published was going to be the second part of that. There are many people who I admire the most in life are the professionals who did something I want to do. A self-publish author is at the top of my wish list. I already know how to sell it online but if only someone could write and book on, “How to write a book and get it published.” How to work from home jobs

Professionals that know how to get things done.

Like so many professionals business owners whom I admire greatly, why? I’m attracted to success or have a desire to become successful in whatever I decide to do. Just like driving a big semi-truck million of miles across the USA. I know anyone can do that with the right training and courses they have today. If you can drive a Manuel stick shift then you can learn faster than someone who never drove a stick shift car before. When I started driving big rigs I remember the instructor and other students saying that I drove trucks before. No, not at until that time of training I told them. But, I did have an old VW bug years ago and it helped me learn faster. You become a successful Professional truck driver when you make pick-ups and deliveries with no problems.

Building your own website to sell your published books online.

So, the same applies to sell self-published books online you just need training and a proven course to teach you how to do it. I really hope that will do it for you. If your still not convinced let me continue and show you how the professional sell online.
  1. Getting Started.
  • The professionals start with a website to sell online.
  • You will need a name for your website.
  • Get the training you need.
  • Start the courses on how to building your website.
  • Now the fun begins. (Be well-prepared for easy, step by steps instructions)
2. Get the best platform to host your website.
  • Your Privacy and Security will be of great importance.
  • Follow the courses and lessons are again easy to do.
  • Each lesson comes with a video so, if you need to watch them over you can.
  • No rush and never any pressure to get things done, you work at your own pace.

You Can Sell Your Books on Amazon and other retailers.

Having a website is one way your books will always be available for your readers. Amazon is the fastest growing online business in the world. They have a variety of ideas for any size business to sell their products and services. Selling your books online is always easy using Amazon business services.

Steps to take to start an online Business.

First, you need a Business Plan to make sense of all your ideas and where you want to start. We are more organized nowadays and plan for every trip, night out, parties, baby showers, weddings, etc. You will need training on how to build your website and to monetize your site. You will need a trusted hosting company that will keep your personal information private and secure. When you decide when you want to invest in your business you want step by step instructions on what to do next. There are many services out there that will provide quality service for all your service needs. But, I would what someone to almost guide my every move to make sure I get it right the first time. I don’t have the luxury of starting over and over until I succeed. how to work from home with a computer

Here is your list to help you plan for your business.

  • You will need a Business Plan (keep it simple and take advise from the experts.)
  • A Name for your Business and Name for your Website.
  • Training (step by step video instructions.)
  • Follow all lessons to the end.
  • Join in a Supportive Community
  • Immerse yourself in the Community
  • ==> Start here to begin <==
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Publish your books online and work from home.
You can visit the next page to learn more about this training and the courses. I put a review and complaint page up to give you more details. You will find a detailed review about who will host your website and put you on top of the game. I hope I’ve answered some or at least one of your questions.

Get the training and courses you need here.




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How to Sell My Self-Published Book Online

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