Here are my experiences and what I discovered when I found My Wealthy Affiliate (Helpful Illustrated Guide) and what billionaire started working from home.

  • Who is wealthy affiliate for?
  • What you need to know before joining. 
  • You will find it easy to sign up and create an account. 
  • A video walk through is available to help you find your way around.

Most people will wait until retirement to start an online business this is the wrong-way to success.

The Right-way to success is to start now and start part-time or full-time you have millions of options.

Plus, it is easy to learn this training with hands on tasks after each lessons. 

You will have fun learning how it works and join every discussion if you have questions, you need answers in a hurry. 

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to start your online Business. 

I think it is the best platform to learn and grow your online business successfully.

Anyone looking to start an online business will benefit from what Wealthy Affiliate offers. 

You will find tons of information here about Wealthy Affiliate, my experience and my overall recommendations. 

Create an Account Page at Wealthy Affiliate

See Wealthy Affiliate Part 2 How it works

See Wealthy Affiliate Part 3 Testimonies

how to make money online at home

At Wealthy Affiliate, I consider them the experts in showing people how to make money online at home with a business. 

They provide hands on training that you will find easy to do and anyone worldwide can do at home. 

You will be able to make a website and or blog within 30 seconds.

  • Education
  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • 24/7 Community
  • Success
  • Passive Income
  • Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Remote Work
  • Much more..
how to create a free website in 30 seconds

The only platform that will show you many ways to start earning from your online business. 

The platform where you can meet the owners as they teach and interact with all students.

Most people trying to start an online business do not continue without the right training. 

You can get hosting anywhere, but they do not train you forever or show you how to build and grow a successful online business.

You want a business that will last a lifetime? 

The history of helping millions of people worldwide. Meet the owners

Owner: Kyle and Carson

Website: www.Wealthy

Price: Various from Free tour/$49.00mo/$359.00yearly

Kyle and Carson owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Product: Website training, Hosting, Online Business start up, Computer Learning and Website building.

Training: Website Building Classes, Computer Learning Classrooms, Video’s, Training Modules, Live Weekly Training, Live Chat, Forums, Learning Center, Blog Platform, Profile Platform, Online Updates, New Laws Updates, and many more.

See Wealthy Affiliate Part 2 How it works

See Wealthy Affiliate Part 3 Testimonies


Wealthy affiliate will not work for everyone, only those who are determined to become successful.

summer people walking

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone, and it’s only for those people looking to start their own business online.

Thinking it’s right for you is a personal expectation. Those that invest 1 year or more of training have the most success. 

Plus students that are not active within the community and fail to upgrade to premium tend to quit or drop out of the platform. 

How can Wealthy Affiliate work for you? Can you watch videos and follow a few lessons?

I’ve looked into the online scam world and discovered most online websites don’t offer you anything for your money.

Tools that will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to learn more.

You Need Tools To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder. 

This is Jaaxy the world’s greatest Online Keyword Research Tool.

Having the right tools at your disposal like Jaxxy will ensure that your focus spending less time searching for keywords.

Mother and daughter with daughter sitting on the kitchen counter

Making it work for you is a personal experience, and it has proven to work for many other people and me.

You will love using the Jaaxy keyword research tool it’s like having all knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Jaxxy is one of the benefits of having a platform that give you the tools you need to helps you succeed.
  • A Platform that gives many other TOOLS and RESOURCES that you will never find anywhere else. 
  • This keyword research tool is better the the best on the market tool. 
  • This keyword tool will help you rank for more highly targeted keyword and low hanging fruit keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool

See more tools and resources are listed in the Business Tools Section.


Educational videos are proven to help people retain more information by watching them.

with the wealthy affiliate login

Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be the leader in showing their students how to build, maintain, and make a website success.

When the student develop their skills and learn the training, they can achieve great success with their website and our blog.

When the student develop their skills and learn the training, they can achieve great success with their website and our blog.

Students will have the right tools to build there sites and blogs this is another way for them to become successful.

You will be learning how to start your online business at home plus you will be studying and training at home so you never have to leave. 


Helping people understand that a website or blogs can generate a successful online business.

Man a desk working with a Laptop

Most students come in thinking they will become successful overnight, with just the bare minimum training, and have high expectations. 

Say goodbye to taking a few course at your local college. Plus, no more driving in bad weather just to learn or not learn what they are teaching. 

No more looking for parking, sitting in traffic, driving across town, and leaving your loved ones. 

That making it a scam some will send you reading material, then tons of reading material, and then more of those tons of reading material.

So where is the product if you have tons of reading material. Will tons of reading material and no product or service for you to try out.

Learning how to run an online business

Some students think to have a website meaning that they should make a lot of money with just the bare minimum work performed.

Would I say do WA have tons of reading material? Yes. Do they have a product, yes?

What some students at WA failed to realize is that everything or business out in the world is not for everyone.

Online business and offline business is not for everyone. I know and have seen people having a hard time in the offline world.

Some jobs are easy enough. And still, some people have trouble with an easy task.


Let’s take a driving job most people don’t know they are bad drivers. How can you tell, if they cause problems for others on the road, then they are a lousy driver.

Some people don’t know how to start a business online, and some expect a get rich quick scheme. They have it wrong when they expect big returns on little effort on their part.


Every website and blog owner will have to pay for hosting, just like housing and apartment owners pay property tax or mortgage.

Training can be fun when your learning hands on techniques that works.

Solving Training Problems

The training at WA starts with a free account a complete walk through the course getting started.


The free account will only be available for seven days then you will need to become a premium member to access your account.

Some members are saying that the training can be overwhelming, plus it’s fun as you learn and grow with the knowledge.

Welcome to WA

What to expect when you start your free account is the complete video walk-through by the owner Kyle who will conduct most of your certification training.

Getting Started consist of 10 lessons that will show you the basics of getting your site up and running using a free website on the platform.


Domains can be purchased anywhere this is the name for any website or blog.

Premium members will enjoy 25 free SiteRubix sites, along with 25 domain sites they can enjoy making new websites.

The training consists of your domains are hosted on the WA platform and can be moved, and new domains can be purchased on this platform.

seo optimize keywords links tags titles signpost blue sky background with white clouds

Society loves to put titles on everything and everyone, so it’s better to call them Marketer rather than Recommenders.

As mentioned, here is the Wealthy Affiliate side of the story and how they help people from around the world.

Taking the next step to Online Entrepreneur Certification Training – Getting Started Level 1

Man a desk working with a Laptop

The advantage of looking to work for another job vs. starting your own work at home online business.

Most companies will give work at home opportunities to current employees of that company vs. hiring and screen the unemployment sections.

I found some of these are not companies but advance scam techniques to lure in unaware job searcher.

Starting an online home business with a reputable companies that will not only produce results.

magnified illustration with the words opportunities circumstances fortune job break occasion work business chance choice hope luck on white background

But, will put you in the owner’s seat within a few training lessons. Wealthy Affiliate is one of these platforms that have the track record of making you an online business owner within hours of joining.

24/7 Community:

Joining a growing community of support is important to your online business 1.5 million and growing.

Setting up your WA account is EASY

 Create an account

      1. Adding a profile image
      2. Adding a personal description.
      • Start your FREE membership invitation – When you join for FREE
      • Leads to better networking within the community –
      • Your “follower” within the community will go up at least 8x (in some cases)
      • People are more willing to help you with a profile
      • Adds a level of credibility within the community
      • Shows others that you are serious about SUCCESS and starting your business.

Black Friday Cyber Monday with the wealthy affiliate login

Starting with an online Starter Membership your on your way to starting your online business.

The only thing you need is just a name, I started asking many people I meet, (if you had your own business, what would you call it?

And what would you do?) At Wealthy Affiliate they can help you with these important choices you have to make.


How do you measure success?

Wealthy Affiliate requirement when you join is to Make a Promise.

      • Wealthy Affiliate care about you and your online success.
      • Wealthy Affiliate care about your personal success.
      • Wealthy Affiliate want to make a deal with you.

You will have your own business, websites, indexing, ranking, brand. But, getting the right training will help you.

Wealthy Affiliate have made it EASY for anyone to join the platform.

Was This Article Review Helpful? If you still have questions, and or comments please leave them below

When will we believe the truth when we see it.

I will be looking forward to working with you. Have many days of success in your online business at Wealthy Affiliate. 

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Wealthy Affiliate is easy to join and start affiliate marketing training.

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Wealthy Affiliate Part 2 How it works

Wealthy Affiliate Part 3 Testimonies

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My Wealthy Affiliate (Helpful Illustrated Guide)

My story is like so many others who struggled to find the right online business.

Now I do not have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore. Will this online business plan work for you?

Only you can answer if you’re ready to change your life forever…

If you have any comments, and or questions please leave them below. 


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No Experience, No Coding, No Skills Needed To Start.

Get Hosting, Privacy, and Security Included When you Build a website and Business online start training Part-Time or Full-Time for $49. a month.  ->>> Click Here to try it out for free <<<-

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My Wealthy Affiliate (Helpful Illustrated Guide)

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